Eva Milan - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Way Out



Credits Way Out

Musica e testo: Eva Milan
Voci, Chitarre, Basso, Virtual Drums, Synth: Eva Milan
Background & Noise Guitar: Marco Mattei

Testo della canzone

Where is the world going
I am not following...
Damages like
a chain reaction
The only Way Out
is just a step back

But I am from the same kind
Should I reject myself?
I am not staying on a
dead end train
I am taking a
different way

In this mess
None is innocent
The game is
you take it or die

We're all trapped
in a dead lane
What went wrong
in Evolution

(looking for)
A Way Out

The blind faith in the world
The blind faith in the

Searching its own way
Life will find its own way
I will search my own way
Life will find its own way

Album che contiene Way Out

album Kali Yuga - Eva MilanKali Yuga
2015 - Rock, Post-Rock, Indie Seahorse Recordings, Audioglobe
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