Music as a ritual. As an incredibly deep experience. As a treasure chest of traditions, experiences, physical and mental trips. Or even as a platform for multisensorial experiences: among ancient oriental instruments, byzantine liturgies, violins, bells and drum machines a smell of incense is released with immense walls of light, smoke and colors. Hanging in balance between a visceral fury and an almost disturbing coldness. (RoBot Festival)
In 2014 Evil Twin felt the need to work on their own music journey, producing an Ep which would involve an ultimate experience keen on stimulating all bodily senses. Dedicating more then a year to the album, step by step the concept began to get into a precise shape: this is when "AYIN" comes into being.
It is in spring 2015, after an enlightening journey to Morocco, that the duo finalises the identity and the path the work is going to pursue: landscape and sound recording, heavy bass and obscure voices from an ancient past will be at the core of Evil Twin's own work, AYIN.