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Descrizione a cura della band

“I’m not against the system. It’s the system that’s against me”. Bob Marley

Nearly always where we come from has a direct influence on our actions, especially if we produce music.
Yes because if the place where a person is born very often forgets humanity and sensitiveness then we can only grow with anger and hate tattooed on our souls.
If we then add complete intolerance towards every form of ex
ploitation and violence we have a clear understanding of a particular project.
This is the EXALT CYCLE or rather what induced four Italian youths to join up together and begin their battle.

Born in 2006 from the union of Zack, singer and writer with very nonconformist ideas, and the guitarist Wolve, famous for the heaviness and violence of his riff, the band starts producing material-
After not many months the group collects a series of concerts where they present original songs, taking the stage by storm and demonstrating an impressive aptitude for live performances.

The themes are always with a social base and make EXALT CYCLE unique in the Italian underground scene.
2007, 2008 and 2009 were spent practically always on stage, with an impressive number of concerts both in Italy and abroad, often as support to Demon Hunter, Exilia, Extrema, Dufresne, Mellowtoy, Pino Scotto, Arcadia, De Crew, Node.

In October 2009 their new EP “Evasion Therapy” come out, and the single “Infected Mind” show a new dimension and e new level for the band.
After all the 2010 spends on tour, they come back in studio to start the pre-production.
In 2011 they go to Cleveland\U.S.A. to record the brand new album at Conquistador Studio (Producer: Cole Martinez – System Divide, Salt The Wound), the new single will be out in the middle of 2011.

Their battle continues to ignore the meaning of the world truce.


Zack : Voice
Wolve : Guitar
Keine : Bass
Mark : Drum


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