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Descrizione a cura della band

"Showcase" is eight tracks pervaded by dark electronic and aggressive atmospheres,
heavy guitars and engaging vocals that glue the overall sound. The schizofrenic and
distressing halo that surrounds the album is to emphasize the sense of disorientation
and confusion felt when observing and describing the world we live in, where
everything is continuously changing, including values and truths.
The physical limited edition is going to include two bonus tracks.


F.O.O.S. is Simo (singer/guitarist/keyboard player) + Fabri (drummer/backing tracks launcher)
Recorded by Simone Seminatore @ Sower Recordings, Torino
Mixed by Manuele “Big Maker” Miceli @ Gramarossa Studio Recording, Cascine Vica
Mastered by Henkka Niemistö @ Chartmakers, Helsinki
Artwork by Nicoletta Occella
All lyrics written by Simone Seminatore
All songs written and performed by F.O.O.S.
Made between September 2011 and April 2012
Published by TDMC Records


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