F.O.O.S. - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics G.O.L.



Testo della canzone

This time I'll lie to you
Next time you'll lie, won't you?
This is called the Game Of Lies
You just have to realise you're in

Synchronize your lifestyle with your time
You know
Truth's so nineties, baby
You'd better update to the latest
Version now!

Last time you lied to me
Next time I'll lie, you see?
Now you're in the Game Of Lies
The only way you can survive down here

Synchronize your lifestyle with your time
You know, it's the way it goes
Don't be shy: hide behind your disguise
And lie! Lie! Again, again and again!
Again, again and again!

Album che contiene G.O.L.

album Showcase - F.O.O.S.Showcase
2012 - Rock, Elettronico, Alternativo
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