Biografia Giacomo Spazio

Born in 1957, Giacomo Spazio writes in 1975 poetical phrases on the walls of Milan and performs between Milan and London, both alone and with the group "Poesia Metropolitana".

In 1980 he abandons performances to dedicate to painting and in 1983 his works, full of colors and big in dimensions, are painted on the walls inside the prestigious "Teatro dell'Arte (Art Theatre)" in Milan. He's for sure one of the first italian artists to work on the street (1975-1987), being an avantgarde in years of the Italian Street Art movement.

From 1990, his artistic work, always swinging between music and literature, becomes of strong emotional and social impact.
He says of himself "I am a man. Simply a man. My life style totally reflects into my artistc work. We all need poetry and we all need to get rid of any slavery!"

From 2005 his atelier/laboratory is regulary open to host single or collective exhibits mainly of italian artists.
He is one of the members of the Milano art collective called: Limited.

More over, in 1982 he founded with friend Nino La Loggia the punk(art)rock band called 2+2=5 with whom recorded 3 records, continuing with several bands and finally going solo.

In 1983 he established with Ermanno Gomma Guarnieri the UT distribution. This was the first italian company that distributed counter-culture punk material (tapes, records and faniznes).

In 1986 with several friend Gomma, Kikko and Valvola, he is among the founders of the first italian no copyright & electronic counter-culture magazine called Decoder.

In 1987 he founded the independet music magazine Vinile and the related independent label Vox Pop that later became one of the most famous and important indie-rock italian label.

In 1997 he goes back to his full time job: being an artist.

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