Dentro ai tuoi sogni

Dentro ai tuoi sogni

Giorgio Maggiore

2007 - Strumentale, New-Wave


In 2007 Giorgio Maggiore released his third record, called DENTRO AI


After having produced two twin dark wave records (OASI DI CEMENTO in

2005 and I COLORI CHE CAMBIANO in 2006), Giorgio changes very much his

style, leaving the sterotypes of some early eighties British new wave

bands for some experimentation in a more progressive way. DENTRO AI

TUOI SOGNI (Into your dreams) is an almost completely instrumental


As in all his records, Giorgio played all the instruments, composed,

mixed, arranged and produced all the tracks on his own, without any


BAGLIORI DI LUCE (Lightnings) opens the album. It is an instrumental

track with piano and synthetical violins.

Piano melody seems to take the listener into a dream or into a


ILLUSTRE SCONOSCIUTO (Famous Unknown) is a very various medley almost

completely instrumental.

It starts with a quiet melody played by dreamy acoustic and electric


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