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You are there and your life is on fire. You worked hard, but she said: . You know, you can't wait for a train, if your car is stuck on the tracks. You sweat really bad, with a gun to your head. You know, your life is beautiful, but you don't know where is your soul. It's all right, It's all right! You are done and the sickles are sharp. Look at the noose, it will choke you soon. You have got something to do, but you will not do what you want. You speak very well and your jacket is always clean. You wear your green uniform, but you don't wear your fucking soul. It's all right, It's all right! All the things are so right, but we are not so fine.

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album The Whole Damn System - Happy SkeletonThe Whole Damn System
2015 - Noise, Grunge, Alternativo
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