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There is a hole in sky, there is a fucking hole. You are nothing. All the things you do are fucked up. You are nothing. I know you think it is going to be the life that you hope that it should be, but you can't see the dark behind your knees cause the sun dazzles, it dazzles, my fucking friend. We are blind surfers in a blood ocean, a blood sea that will cover up our confidence, that will corrode our pity, that will choke our kindness. When I will scream, you'll run away. When I will steal, you will repay. When I will feed my chromosomes you will despair over and over. When I will jump, then you will crawl. When I will fail, then you will fix. When I will look into the light you will sob over and over. I will come, yes I will come. I will come, yes I am the sun. When you will shuffle our cards I will bet on spades. When you will win on first turn I will fight over and over. When you will whip me with the chains I will endure all the pain. When you will kill me cruelly I will reborn over and over. I will come, yes I will come. I will come, yes I am the sun.


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La canzone Sun si trova nell'album Exit Strategy uscito nel 2018.

Copertina dell'album Exit Strategy, di Happy Skeleton

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