Hell's island - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics G.O.D. (Guilty of dying)



Descrizione G.O.D. (Guilty of dying)

Un pezzo sul pianeta Terra, sull'Uomo e su un Dio 'creato ad arte' per limitarne la libertà

Testo della canzone

In flames, on the earth
A death and a birth

Need to unleash what we can’t say
Fear of sins that we create

Alone in every pray
Hearing that voice so loud
Screams the promise to save
A damned soul

Eternity is a plan
God is not a masked man

Need to be what we can’t be
Fear of a hell that we just live

Alone in silence
Breathing to leave behind
The promise and chains
To feel alive

Album che contiene G.O.D. (Guilty of dying)

album Black painetd circle - Hell's islandBlack painetd circle
2012 - Progressive, Metal, Grunge
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