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Descrizione Opaque solo

Solitudine. Isolamento. Introspezione. Allontanandosi dal mondo ci si allontana da una parte di sé. Credere in qualsiasi cosa diviene impossibile, e ciò che rimane è solo anima.

Testo della canzone

No promises to keep
No excuses to believe
A window and a book
Black window as a look

Walls. Black.
Anesthetized from emotions.
Lines. Cracked.
Burning into an opaque mirror.

A knife
A trembling hand, veins are so naked
The sky
The purest eyes inhale the soul

Soul is a rare thing
Some are hidden, some are killed

Breathing alone and blind
No one lies, no one cries

Stay alone to slight
Or make the creed commits a suicide

A soul can’t heal
It dies – and if is strong – it revives

Album che contiene Opaque solo

album Black painetd circle - Hell's islandBlack painetd circle
2012 - Progressive, Metal, Grunge
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