Homesick Suni - Ego Expanding testo lyric


I hope that evil thoughts
will run away from my best friend
but after all these yearnings
I think we need to talk

Do you remember when
we used to joke about the past?
But instead of laughter
my lips move into a smile now

And I would strongly recommend
the kind of friendship that we have
sharing all the things we feel
even when we don’t feel real

And you close your eyes
but you still can observe things
with yourself and your soul
while your ego's expanding

Who will ever tell
what lies behind a man?
But we got so close to it
I smell it with my nose

You got quite a point
in making nonsense with a joint
I feel like I miss you
but you got to know what to do

If you close your eyes
and you still can observe things
with yourself and your soul
means your ego's expanding
and I am wrong if I’m right, where I belong in a strike
but I don’t wanna turn my “Hellos” in “Goodbyes”
when I’m strong in advice maybe once, maybe twice,
it’s just ‘cause I am worried of what there’s behind


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La canzone Ego Expanding si trova nell'album Appetite for Distraction uscito nel 2016.

Copertina dell'album Appetite for Distraction, di Homesick Suni

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