Homesick Suni - Villa Lioni testo lyric


Moving from the country
is not a life of ease
and my heart will take some time
to move on with me
I'm moving to the city
in good company
we're gonna send you a picture by
Pampanin Photography

And we'll never fight for who is wrong or right
(Unless it is Gian's fault so we'll know that he ain't right)

Down in Villa Lioni
"taking some rest"...

But what does a house need
except a stereo and TV?
A fridge, a bed and a sofa (and a laundry machine)
that's all I need
Spending money for some kind of imaginary freedom
may look like jumping from a plane that didn't left the ground

Let's hope that Aunt Ida won't mess up our plans
(But let's face the facts, she's 94 so she will die...)

Down in Villa Lioni
It's good to move your ass to make a change


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La canzone Villa Lioni si trova nell'album Appetite for Distraction uscito nel 2016.

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