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Keep away or escape from the country
runaway and don't mind about the country
Friday night I was looking on my other side
could you feel me off the wall, over the bricks?
could you hear me? this is a call and I'm trying to breakdown
I have close all my jazz in a box
and the mastered album are in gift for friends
somewhere a sweet and perfect sound
ok, now I pretend to revenge in my own town


released 22 August 2013
Produced by Saul Savarino & Houstones and Marco Bonanomi
Music by Saul Savarino & Houstones
Lyrics by Saul Savarino
Recorded in 2013 at Capannos Studio in Lecco, Italy and at Soppressa Studio, Locarno, Switzerland.
Engineered by Marco Bonanomi at Capannos Studio
Additional Engineering by Saul Savarino and Nadir Savarino at Soppressa Studio
Mixed by Marco Bonanomi at Capannos Studio
Mastered by Oscar Righetto at El Rancho Studio, Milan, Italy

Published by Soppressa Records and administered by Risonanza Records (RR)

Saul Savarino, Nadir Savarino, Massimo Valerio

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