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Uncharted sea
Come with me, come with me.
Long paths in scorching sands,
on a journey to ancient lands.
Be ready to sail out,
no fear nor doubt.
The search is a circle,
no hope to see the milestone.

A storm is coming in,
sway with the ballad of a salt sea.
Facing strong headwinds,
the absolute doesn’t exist.
But don’t let dry your mind,
the fate is on our side!

Under heavy blows, my grip is tight
with such glorious sights,
this place is our peace.
Don’t be afraid of
drifting away,
from the known world
along the rough trail.


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Lyrics: Camilla Coccia
music: Ion Source


La canzone Uncharted sea si trova nell'album Down on the evolutionary scale uscito nel 2016.

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