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“At school you didn’t answer to questions about classical authors. You were not interested in participating. You preferred to remember all the epic epithets. You saw beyond the walls of your class. You never remembered your classmates’ names. During school assemblies you used to abstract yourself until you forgot to be alive. The keeper found you standing up alone. It was not cold. In the pockets of your jeans you were keeping chestnut’s leaves and ladybirds.”

What They’re Saying:
“Sounds like: A future where robots and humans share organic meals and feelings of hope.” – MTV Iggy
“The first track on Italian duo JoyCut’s Pieces of Us Were Left on the Ground album, ‘Wireless,’ is unbelievably sprightly, uplifting, and beautiful.” – The Stranger
“Not a whole lot is known about these three blokes, but this sort of mysterious allure only adds to their new (um, it’s addicting) 15-song set.” – Bowery Boogie
“This is music that one can never get enough of.” – Acoustic Music

2007_The Very Strange Tale of Mr.Man - LP [1st Album]
2011_GhostTreesWhereToDisappear - LP [2nd Album]
2013_PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround - LP [3rd Album]

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