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Kabobo Bulo! Ep

2017 - Industrial, Noise, Sperimentale


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Kabobo - Bulo!
We’re both Italians /aɪtæljən/ but we’re writing this in English because we like to put ourselves in difficult situations.

We invested A LOT of time, effort, pulled muscles, burned clutches.. not to mention money. Yes, bling bling.

We recorded these songs in two different industrial units with leaking asbestos roofs, can you spot the difference? We strategically blended our tracks on a heavy analog desk in an abandoned office space we weren't supposed to use, turned down some freelance job opportunities and regretted being in 2098 where you will be able to clone yourself by simply owing a Tesco club card.

But hold on a sec, all our money actually went into caffeine, replacing dropped-by-accident speakers drivers and under-rated 110V converters. Even if fuses weren’t our concern, after all this an' a’ that, we sent our tracks to the mastering knowitall people, some fine-tuning and we gave them to the guys who cut the round thing inside.

Luigi tapped his spidery fingers on synthesizers like the Pro One, cool! The bass sound is a secret whispered through the output of a Microkorgo - Italian for ‘Microkorg’ - it then goes inside some secret guitar pedals, and who knows what it does in there. Diodes? We like to prompt people to dance to our music and find out it’s awkward to. ALSO an electric piano Wurlitzer A200 is the heavy star, heavy y’know? We put everything through loud amps because it pleases our ears. David, the drummerista, plays lots of ghost notes you can’t hear in this recording. We adore piezo mic’s, we have three of them on drums, cymbals and butane cylinders. We both use our mouths as synthesisers and we pretend we’re not afraid of it.

There fear's to nothing but it, fear self. \sorry

We decided to call this first release ‘Bulo!' because we thought the record was bulo - in Perugian dialect 'bulo' means 'REALLY COOL', 'ALMOST GOOD’ - hence, our craving for biscotti after practice.

As a band we are inspired by various music, from noise rock to progressive to industrial, David doesn’t agree. You can imagine two poor Italians in a very cold rehearsing room in the south-east of Glasgow trying to play riffs as fast as they can to stay as warm as possible, breathing asbestos falling from a roof built in the 1981 when Scotland was mainly Unionist trying to kill Catholics or something like that.

We truly hope you are going to enjoy this record, it took a while for us to conceive, perform and record it but we think that the result is pretty bulo and so are you.


Basically Kabobo are:

Luigi Pasquini - Synths and vocals on amps - S.C. Pro One, Microkorg, Wurlitzer A200, Shure-Uknown-Model Microphone

David Scorteccia - Drums, howling and piezo operator
released December 20, 2016

SIDE A: Bula recorded by Luigi Pasquin at Glue Factory (Glasgow, Scotland)

SIDE B: Junzo recorded by Luigi Pasquini at INDUSTRIAL UNIT E9/10 (Port Dundas, Scotland)

Mixed by Luigi Pasquini (Howtomakesushirecording) and David Scorteccia at LIMORTACCITUA Studios

Mastered by Martin Ballesta (Last Punch Mastering, Glasgow)


Songs inspired by a planing permission leaflet found in our rehearsing room in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

Thanks to Chris Cusack (fuck you), Costello’s brothers and Davidito (Outblinker), Martin Ballesta, Aron Ward, The Cosmic Dead, Sequential Circuits, Cambuslang council, Perugia council, our mum's jumpers, Eusebi Deli, Soil Association, Northstar cafe, Smile Cafe, all the bad/evil things in the world that make us find happiness in music and all our friends who booked our shows and supported us despite we are a bunch of slow fish who play too loud.


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