Kaisha Kunin - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics dear rose unforgettable girl



Testo della canzone

while you see I m blind..
while you’ re screaming I hear it all so quiet
when you leave me down
I get new strenght that comes from the sound
like a children I m laughing and crying

when I see you I m blind - when I hear you I don' t feel it inside
when you're on, I'm down -
when you 're off there's my light all around
but tonight ,what you say? we can try

show me what it 's better
dont try to fix this later
give me just a little kiss I wanna stand up

follow it for rest of your life ..will you take care of it? while you're alive buono

Album che contiene dear rose unforgettable girl

album Ce n'est pas du Rock! - Kaisha KuninCe n'est pas du Rock!
2013 - Rock'n'roll, Rock, Pop rock
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