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Descrizione Want you back


Testo della canzone

now I want you back
I want back anything ,indeed
I love your swing and I adore
The way you knock on my door

but now I feel my crack
but now I see your regrets over me
I hate you feelin and I adore ?
What makes me bored?
And I don’t know,know.know,know

There are so many things that I wouldn't say to you
we don't really fly so high...don’t you feel it?
If you’re looking for my scares
You can hit me anywhere....

why do you look at me like I was a kind of alien
why don't you tell me who your love is flirting to..
the words you speak look dirty..that's the problem
find my deepest in the silence of my soul

Album che contiene Want you back

album Ce n'est pas du Rock! - Kaisha Kunin
Ce n'est pas du Rock! 2013 - Rock'n'roll, Rock, Pop rock

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