Alter the 5 track EP that came out in November 2007 , “60 Minutes Circle” is the debut record of the italian band King Suffy Generator, recorded at Sauna Studio in Varese by Andrea Cajelli and Marco Sessa. The recording process has been deeply influenced by the analogic techniques of the seventies, by the sound impact and by the conscience state of their live performances. Recorded and mixed between March and September 2009, the record is conceived as a work on duration, an extension of coscience through its listening, a temporal dilation through nine tracks for a total lenght of 60 minutes. Dario Bandini (guitar and synth) and Walter Magri (bass) formed King Suffy Generator at the end of 2005 , to be joined shortly after by the long time music partner Stefano Cuccovillo (synth and guitars), Alberto Grossetti (drums) and Daniele Tori (guitar and sax). During the recording of “60 Minutes Circle” they involved the multifaceted and visionary percussionist Davide Merlino, who later decided to join the band full time. The record also features Fabio Poggiana (guitar player from the post-rock and Verbania-based band Leominor), who played on the opening track “Broken Cigarettes”. The sound of King Suffy Generator evolved in this record from their surf and instrumental rock ‘n’ roll roots through psychedelia and progressive rock, always looking for a new, ipnotic and melodic form of expression. The band mixes different sounds from rock, psychedelia and blues, trying to avoid any sort of affiliation to a scene or trend, pushing the wide creativity of its members that comes from their variegated musical and cultural background.

“Well, I like the idea of the journey… I mean, it’s not like you just listen to them, because they drag you on their van and take you to unexplored places and new adventures.” Carlotta Cardana, Mexico City, December 2009.

“They manage to sound laid back and chilled, reminding me of old 60’s psych funk like the mighty Caterpillar, yet the next riff will turn the pace up and weight with a stoned dose of old school Kyuss or Nebula. And take out the vocals – King Suffy are instrumental.” Bad Acid Tab6 dvd/audio Magazine, UK).

“Circular, fluid and homogeneous progressions, had Ozric Tentales trip over a surf board… all because of that fantastic and unfailing brilliantine called rock ‘n’ roll. You slided away so nicely that the instrumental involvement was absolute, so much that even the fizziest whip and the most psychedelic bubbles would take progressive and kaleidoscopic colors and tones. Magic, graceful fucking astonishment!” Claudio Besia – Vero Vinile/Blast, Ceres, Italian Mountains, December 2009.

“I really like KSG’s record, maybe because they can’t be immediately classified, maybe because they sound modern while being influenced by genres that are decades old, maybe because, as I was telling you a while ago, I find it useless to have a singer if you don’t have anything to say or don’t have the means to say it.” pG – LeGo mY eGo, Biella/Torino, December 2009.