Larsen Effect - Route 66 testo lyric


I don't know if we'll be able
to carry on with this
But we are too related
Our love is too wide
if only I had you as a friend
It would already something
Even if my heart could suffer
because I would like to have you there
now and forever

Because I don't want to forget you
I would like to know how are you
I don't want to pull you
out of my dusty memories
of fall asleep and wake up next to you

Please, let's runaway
i'm dying here
Let's walk route 66
Me and you start packing
start packing, oh sweetie
I'm coming home


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Antonio Vollono


La canzone Route 66 si trova nell'album 729 uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album 729, di Larsen Effect

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