Larsen Effect - Stay With Me testo lyric


If you find me
in this empy space
You'll understand
how much you make sense

If you had felt my doubt
and you rescued me
thanks to you
I've discovered how I am

My hands with your
My soul with you
Like a storm inside
It boogles the mind you

Stay here with me
and everything will be alright
you are the light
of my darkest night

Stay here with me
And I'll be still alive
After i'll be dead more and more time

I just don't know where to get
While I feel that everything ends
On the road of my vain hopes
You appear and keep me alive


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Antonio Vollono


Antonio Vollono


La canzone Stay With Me si trova nell'album 729 uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album 729, di Larsen Effect

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