Out Of Space

Out Of Space

Lost Dogs Laughter

2017 - Rock, Grunge, Alternativo


This album was made possible thanks to the support of a lot of people. We would like to say thanks to every person we have met throughout this fascinating journey...here are some of them:

Thanks to Alessio. Without him, this album, our logo, and much more wouldn’t even exist. Thanks to Ray for his help in the vocals arrangement. Thanks to Andrea Vettor for recording drums with his incredible style. Thanks to Joanna for her presence and input, and also thanks to: Riccardo, Kubomedusa (our previous band), Roberto Serini (Luk's substitute during the acoustic gigs we had in London), Punkreas (long story), Dog Byron, Laika Vendetta, all the artists and bands who inspired us.
Thanks to our families, and our home “The House of Malatesta”.
From the deepest part of our hearts:



Recorded by Andrea Corvo and Teo Pizzolante @ Synthesis Studio, Mastered by Giuseppe Zaccaria @ Rome Mastering Studio, Album Design by Giacomo Spaconi.
All songs written and produced by Lost Dogs Laughter.

Drums by Andrea Vettor, Synth by Andrea Corvo.

Lost Dogs Laughter are:
Matt Bandini (Voice and Guitars) & Luk LaGrande (Bass Guitar)


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