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Descrizione a cura della band

the pace of new things coming around
is constantly slowing down
and that's what i mean by
getting old and die

I want to contribute to my own entropy
gather all my stuff around
and choose to leave you behind


All songs written by Luca Galizia, Carlo Porrini, Thomas Lorusso.
Produced and mixed by Carlo Porrini.
Mastered by Filippo Strang.
Artwork by Luca Galizia.
All pictures by Guido Borso.

LEUTE is an ever-expanding, 100% inclusive musical project.
The personnel involved in the recording of this album are:

Luca Galizia - vocals, guitars
Carlo Porrini - vocals, guitars, drums
Thomas Lorusso - vocals, guitars, bass

This album has been written and recorded with the help and support of some of our closest friends.
Thanks to Fabio Bonomo, Alvin Mojetta, Andrea Morelli, Marco Rizzo, Manuele Povolo, Dario Bassi, Eugenio Nuzzo, Michele Canziani, Andrea Dissimile, Guido Borso, Jacopo Lietti, Giulia Formica.US LIMPID


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