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Lloyd Turner is an instrumental duo from Italy formed by Paolo Tornitore and Donato Loia (guitarist of Lento, ambient post hardcore band from Rome with whom he released the debut album Earthen on Supernatural Cat). Hints is their first record and it collects twelve dark and austere short compositions. Built on refined melodies and harmonies, the music of Lloyd Turner goes beyond a superficial seduction of atmospheres, in favour of a compositional effort in which notes, structures and lenghts of pieces are always the key elements. The pursued shortness of compositions displays Lloyd Turner’s will to conceive a type of music that is never long-winded but immediate and essential, a music where several ideas are concentrated in a format of few minutes. The choice of an instrumentation restricted primarily to piano and guitar it’s due to the interest in proposing articulated solutions through the use of reduced means. Hints was recorded, mixed and mastered between July and October 2009 by L…

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