Mendustry - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Anything you want



Credits Anything you want

Contiene un campione di tromba proveniente dal film "Ghost dog".

Testo della canzone

In the winter, in my eyes
When the snow falls on the green
In the spring all the flowers
All the colours, all the flavours
For the summer on the sea
On the beach to take the sun
And when comes fall you are shy
So your body belongs to me
Four seasons, one love
One music here, one colour
On your face one son
One kind of dress
One kind of fun, one future
The mankind never will know about us
If we'll transpose our love in space
And no one will know the relation
Between your mind and my desire
I will love you with my possibilities
And you'll have to take this love like a job
And don't ask me why
Because the answer stays in us
Anything you want stays in us

Album che contiene Anything you want

album Tracks on the bedside table - MendustryTracks on the bedside table
2012 - Cantautore, Electro, Nu jazz
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