Miss O - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics The girl



Credits The girl

written by odette di maio & jan de block

Testo della canzone

Poor you girl
you're tired,
you can't be
good, oh girl
you're tired,
the girl
with no wings

and you fall in the same old trap
yeah you fall in the same old trap...
and he cannot be the one - again!
and you feel that something's wrong.
It's so dark that you can't go on,
I can see you
the way you feel, the way you shine
breathing out...

Poor you girl
you're lonely,
a girl
for many,
sell your soul
to heroes,
they want a girl
that's silent.

As I'm closing up
to your feelings
there's a flood of stars
between us,
but you are the one I would save
still you are the one I would save.

Poor you girl, poor you girl, poor oh girl - you are...

Album che contiene The girl

album Infection - Miss OInfection
2012 - Cantautore, Trip-Hop, Acustico
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