The group was founded in the spring of 2010 by the only survivors of the first line up, Andrea (Andrea Marzoli, vocals and guitar) and Max (Max Carlos Codeluppi, guitar) and, at the beginning of September 2010, the band recorded its first demo DiY, which contained four tracks.

During the summer of 2011 the Monolith joined “Pavullo Rock 3 Booking-Eventi” and performed a number of concerts, among which the most meaningful is the one that was held at Non Solo Birra XXI, at the ending of the concert/reunion of the Caduta Massi.

In January 2012 they won the contest “Sing Your Song”, which made them perform at the Cantelli Theatre in Vignola. In March, they were protagonists during the closure ceremony of the exhibition held by Pavullo Rock Tre, “Shoot Up”, by performing an acoustic concert in the basement of the Doge’s Palace in Pavullo. In April of the same year, they recorded a 3-tracks EP at the “Bombanella Studios” and later performed in many clubs like the Lab16 in Bologna and the Bipap in Zocca. Among the live performances of that year, the most outstanding are the concerts held at Non Solo Birra XXII and at the well-known Festa della Libertà in Zocca, but also the openings at the concerts of Caduta Massi and Plan De Fuga, at the Locomotiv Club in Bologna.

Besides Andrea and Max mentioned above, the current formation of the band includes Riccardo Cocetti (ex Villains) and Enrico Busi (Fuximile), drums and bass respectively, who joined the project in autumn 2013.

The Monolith have just entered the compilation “Sonda Vol. 4” and, in march of this year, they released their second EP, recorded with the producer Marco Bertoni (Motel Connection, Megahertz).