Multicolor - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics NEEDS



Credits NEEDS

Stefano Mancuso: Voice, Moog
Riccardo Guido: Background Vocals, Guitars
Tonino Chiodo: Bass
Maurizio Mirabelli: Drums
Fabio Guagliardi: Clavinets, Wurlitzer

Testo della canzone


Need some rules but I
Still don’t know their meaning
Need a brighter mountain
For each blind feeling
Need to be simple
And die just like those
Just need to cry out
To steal the time that goes
This cloud will move again
To take your light
Need to feel the blame
To stop my great fears
Need to feed my mind
with the right sad tears
Move again
This cloud will move again
To take your light

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album SUNDAY - MulticolorSUNDAY
2015 - Sperimentale, Rock, Pop rock
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