The Substance of Perception

The Substance of Perception


2019 - Ambient


NERATERRÆ's debut album “The Substance of Perception” is a daring collaborative work featuring some of the finest artists from the Dark Ambient, Drone, Cinematic and Ritual Music scene: Northaunt, Alexey Tegin from Phurpa, Treha Sektori, New Risen Throne, Flowers For Bodysnatchers, Taphephobia, Ugasanie, Xerxes The Dark and Infinexhuma. The sound palette shifts between both stark atmospheres, melancholic ambiance and dense claustrophobic drones. Alternating between obscurity and light and oscillating between the ineffable detachment from the tangible and the relentless transmogrification of the self.
Artwork by Nihil & Daria Endresen.


Produced, written, edited, mixed and mastered by Alessio Antoni.
Featuring: Northaunt on track 1; Alexey Tegin from Phurpa on track 2; New Risen Throne and Treha Sektori on track 3; Taphephobia and Infinexhuma on track 4; Xerxes The Dark and Treha Sektori on track 5; Ugasanie on track 6; Flowers For Bodysnatchers on track 7.


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