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Il gruppo nasce più per volontà divina che umana, così almeno ritiene il suo fondatore, Seghini Pietro, a cavallo tra i due millenni e anche questo sembra non essere un caso, con l’intento di rinfrescare le menti e i cuori delle nuove generazioni giunte ormai a un livello di stasi e saturazione mentale quasi insopportabile. La nostra filosofia è quella di considerare la musica come un linguaggio dell’anima come l’immagine di qualche cosa di inspiegabile a parole ma comprensibile solo col cuore, e proprio per questa sua caratteristica così nobile viene considerata come qualcosa di sovraumano…
The band was born in 2001 by the divine psychedelic Will of the Holy Mary Herself ; infact our name derives from the revelation of Holy Mary occurred in the end of forthteen century by an oak tree located on a hill near Bettola (a very tiny village in the country of Piacenza). Hence the names Oak and Mary. The first line up included three guitars (one of those was a lap steel); after the first selfproduced 4 tracks Ep Nihil, we decided to keep only 2 guitars... This Ep earned a very good review from (you can check the review on the website archive) and many music magazines. In 2002 our first full-lenght album Tamarindo (11 tracks) descended onto the Earth and the Word was spread by a small independent label called Desertfox Records. Many gigs have passed in these years 2003-2004-2005-2006…We played with bands like: Brant Bjork & the Bros, Eagles of Death Metal, Gorilla, Dozer and many more. The album “Car Wash”, was ready in the half 2006. The promo cd of Car Wash was top demo of the month (august-2005) on Metal Hammer magazine (Italian issue).The promo included four Car Wash tracks not mixed : Love inside, Spanish Girl, Rock me and America. We also have produced the video of the first song of the record “Top of the World”.
In 2009 the band release our third full lenght "Mathilda".
The cd is distribuited by Cobraside Distribution in USA and in 2010, thanks to Garbage Dump Agency, they had the opportunity to share the stage with the best band ever! Oak's Mary supported all the european tour of Fatso Jetson!!!!
eleven shows in 10 european cities, an incredible experience for the band .
Third Conspiracy release a split 7 inch of Oak's Mary/Fatso Jetson that consecrates the tour and the friendship.
An incredible experience for the band .
The new record will be out in the late 2012/early 2013.
The new record will includes the track "Sand in the Teeth" that is the perfect mix of Oak's Mary and Fatso Jetson, infact Oak's Mary composed the music and Mario wrote lyrics, sing the song and played some parts of guitar in wich you can listen his fucking talent!!
The new record is mixed and produced by Mathias Schneeberger, who works as musician and producer with many band we love like Fatso Jetson, Maters of Reality, Twilight Singers, Mondo Generator, Brant Bjork, Earthlings?, Desert Sessions ...and many more.

Growing out with any tunes from the 70's, they love bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Stooges, Deep Purple, Hendrix, Kraftwerk, but also they appreciate bands like Loop, the Heads, Earthlings?, Qotsa, Man or Astroman, Fatso Jetson, Nirvana and many many more ....,they are trying to put their felling into the music they play. Their music is simply their vision of everything, sometimes it’s nervous and aggressive and sometimes very quite, romantic and visionary ... they really love jammin and composing music in their rehearsal room based in a old flour mill cabin where they music comes out easly.

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