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Interrupted Speech(a better place)

When you’ll be crawlin’ down
You’ll think you get enough

Keepin’ all inside
Trying to be so strong

When you’ll watch around
And you’ll can’t find something right

And you keep on saying
(this could be) a better place
You say if I look around
(I could see) a better place
Keep on callin’
(this) a better place

On a newspaper now
I can see a woman broke in two

As my words fall down
We’d better think about all this blood

You keep on saying
(this could be) A better place
Keep on callin’
(this) A better place
I just can’t believe
In this better place

We just sit down quiet in our space
Lookin while everything goes wrong

Album che contiene Interrupted Speech

album My Stalker Doesn't Love Me - Ogun FerrailleMy Stalker Doesn't Love Me
2013 - Stoner, Rock, Alternativo
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