Figures In Slow Motion

Figures In Slow Motion


2015 - Sperimentale, Elettronica, Ambient


All tracks composed, performed and produced by Sergio Calzoni at orghanon studio between 2013/2014.
Mastered by Mike Marsh at the Exchange Mastering Studio (London).
Executive production by Eibon Records.

Lullaby vocal sample in “gone” taken from “Spellewauerynsherde” (2004 Samadhi Sound), courtesy Akira Rabelais.
Vocal sample in “far” taken from “Bá/Ch'ain” (1992 Danse Macabre), courtesy Christian Wolz.
Vocal sample in “etere” taken from “Lament for Jerusalem” (2006 Naxos), courtesy John Tavener.
All other samples taken from various shortwave radio stations.

Layout and artwork by Mauro Berchi.
Pictures by Stefano Nieri and Raimondo Gaviano (svart1).

Thanks to: Lisa, Mauro Berchi, Stefano Nieri, Gianni Pedretti, Sergio Bersanetti (Sir Joe), Lorenzo Montanà, Gianfranco Santoro, Danilo Cesar, Stefano “Dedo” Panzera, Davide Borghi.


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