Biografia Pater Nembrot

PATER NEMBROT are a power psych-rock trio based in Italy, Cesena (FC). Their music melts monolithic fuzz rock with 70's Italian prog and 90's heavy grunge riffing. The result is a massive unique sound which has soon transformed PATER NEMBROT in one of the most intriguing and less derivative band in stoner and psychedelic contemporary rock scene.

The band consist in Philip Leonardi (vocals/guitar/synth), Jack Pasghin (bass) and Alfredo Casoni (Drums) and from its birth on 2004, PATER NEMBROT has released 3 albums: Hombre Scarlatte [self - 2005], Mandria [Godown Records - 2008] and Sequoia Seeds [Godown Records - 2011]. "Sequoia Seeds" has been printed in 1500 copies on CD and LP and features progressive legend Enzo Vita (original founder of the Italian progressive band IL ROVESCIO DELLA MEDAGLIA) on guitars, together with Enrico Zavalloni (ENRi, VIP 200, Mike's Patton Mondo Cane) who played hammond organ and synths besides being the co-producer of the record itself.

During their live activity, PATER NEMBROT played several shows all Italy wide, did a couple of European tours (2009 - Germany - w/Samsara Blues Experiment; 2010 - Germany/Holland), sharing the stage with bands such as Fatso Jetson (USA), Sleepy Sun (USA), Karma to Burn (USA), Sons of Otis (CAN), Kadavar (DE), gaining progressively the respect of critics and the plause of audience and they are now ready to BRING THEIR INNER SPACE ROCK ONCE AGAIN ALL OUT THERE!!!

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