2019 - Hip-Hop


among so many difficulties I always manage to scream at them. It is true that we are ants and that we believe we are gods, but we have a purpose in this world which is to preserve it, not to give it to stamee. They kill, with monetary stress and with Mallattie, I am convinced that today's hip hop should be a protective wing against the people most affected by difficulties and capitalist fascism, which is not an anti-capital insinuation, but on the contrary my word wants to fit into a dialogue and impose a change, everyone is suffering from the catastrophic effects of the new economic colonialism, from the climatic to the social ones linked to the affirmation with resources that do not belong to us. we just have to be strong enough to recognize who is sinking, I am convinced that human evolution is spiritual and that the enemy puts us against each other. my god does not have a clergy but he moves my steps, the evil that I live, I exorcise him in syntax. thanks for the space a bomb goes to all those who believe and resist, I'll stay here thanks to you


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