Deaf sun / Deaf blues

Deaf sun / Deaf blues

Permanent fatal error

2015 - Indie, Alternativo, Post-Rock


“Olivier Manchion, the man behind PERMANENT FATAL ERROR, disappeared from the music for 10 years. 10 years in which he rebuilt a life that now flows into the ep DEAF SUN/DEAF BLUES. an ep where both his past experiences (PFE’s “law speed” and his activity in faust and ulan bator) converge with vast and relaxed desolate landscapes, delicate embroidering of guitar and fragile vocals and rhythmic circular weaving. a profoundly european and personal vision, far from every possible trend or genre. a cinematic sensation of movement with a gaze lost in capturing details.” (Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Larsen)

SFH – 21


Performed by Olivier Manchion, Giulio Vetrone, Aka_Bondage, Francesco Bolognini, Seb Martel, Nicholas Thomas, Franck Lantignac / Recorded at URS studio, Villa Minozzo and Reggio Emilia IT / Engineered by Lionel Darenne, Giulio Vetrone, Olivier Manchion / Mixed by Olivier Manchion. Written by Olivier Manchion except “Giulio’s song” by Giulio Vetrone / Arranged by Permanent fatal error / Artistic and executive production Olivier Manchion / Artwork Photo: Sunbeep “Holidays”. All songs (c)+(p) 2015 Olivier Manchion (Sacem FR) except Giulio's Song (c)+(p) 2015 Giulio Vetrone (PRS Alliance)


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