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This is a zombies story set in the city of Aosta, Italy.
After so many centuries, the dead from the 1300 plague buried near the Cathedral and came to light during the excavations in the summer of 2020, come out of their graves. Maybe they were disturbed by the sunlight or maybe the Covid pandemic has awakened them? Transformed into zombies, they slowly walk through the narrow streets of the historic center during a full moon winter night and reach the entrance to the Regional Palace where they break through the glass doors, invading it.

The track is instrumental, in the style of the western dollar trilogy, set to music by Ennio Morricone, the composer I began to love from the age of 8, when I first saw 'A fistful of dollars' at the cinema, staying at mouth open throughout the film, entranced by the music and images. My little tribute to the great and unforgettable Master.

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