(re)offender - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics fool time baby



Testo della canzone

Your eyes getting lazy..so bad
my eyes are getting crazy..so bad
so your name became my wall, I’m stroke to joke
you can be my full time baby
so bad, so your face sure you cannot hide
who touches our skin?
Where's the bell’s anger
when our heart's too blind to see…
you can be my fool time baby..so bad
you can be my full time crazy..so bad
so your face, sure you cannot hide
And the color blind pull me out from my inside
I’m ready to take time
hold and break the night
who touches our skin?

Album che contiene fool time baby

album (re)offender - (re)offender(re)offender
2015 - New-Wave, Emo New Model Label
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