(re)offender nobody else Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

(re)offender nobody else Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

New-Wave, Emo 

Frosinone, Lazio



Testo della canzone

Everyone else,
don’t know what’s for
you walk through this door
don’t need to wake
sorrow’s curtains on the left
everyone else
disclosed dark souls
you knock my deep door
I need your blame
don’t mind time
the seventh mask upset regrets and daylight rests
don’t mind time
baby you blind me up like nobody else
but the lover was wrong
one day and we’ll reveal the truth
And we’ll bleed like stars
like nobody else
I’m now an open road
and watch the gold getting old
If you‘re in love!

Album che contiene nobody else

album (re)offender - (re)offender
(re)offender 2015 - New-Wave, Emo New Model Label

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