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Descrizione Vagabond

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Testo della canzone

There’s a big tree in the place we planted
three seeds of pomegranate
Roots have been growing deep
Well I’m growing weary dear
of picking up leaves
this place never stayed this cold
So let me come home
how come we got this far?
tell me love, tell me love
it’s your bluff that I’m calling now
Cause I can still be ruthless
if you want me to
And you can still pretend
to be this blind
How come we got this far?
how come we got this far?
When we’re going nowhere at all
So let me come home
it’s time I come home

Album che contiene Vagabond

album Stolid & Bruised EP - Richard J AardenStolid & Bruised EP
2015 - Rock, Alternativo, Acustico Prismopaco Records

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