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Renato Zampieri, better known by his stage name Seizon, is a media composer, guitarist, synth player and sound artist based in Vicenza, Italy. He divides his time between writing music for the media (RPG, audio books, videoclips) and some personal projects, including experimental sound works (Seizon and the ghOST Orchestra), based mainly on H.P. Lovecraft stories.

On his background: formerly a death metal guitarist, he released 6 albums and published an experimental audio novel (“The Amazing Journey”, iBooks Author) in 2012.

Musician, writer, filmmaker, geek. In love with Cthulhu, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,  Computers, Nintendo, and everything looks green.

Renato Zampieri – guitar, synthesizer (2007 – )

2007 – Seizon and the ghOST Orchestra (Demo)
2008 – The Dark Movements
2009 – The Amazing Journey
2010 – Goya Toca A Oz
2011 – The Last Vestige Of Gaia

2017 – The Great Old Ones

2018 – Return Of The Sorcerer

2021 – Old Vision

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