Sons of Lazareth - Fragile testo lyric


Can you be the strongest just by being good? / Can the good win over evil? / We must hope in the war against evil / I'm still waiting / I'm tired to bind in line / I Am Fragile / I Am Confused / Can you understand? / A blanket to protect me from bad dreams / And from my fears / I don't like who I am / What I think, what I'm doing / I can't believe / I pay for your incompetence / I Am Fragile / I am Confused / Can you understand?


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L.Riccioni, A.D'Amato, M.Pinna, M.Gambarini


La canzone Fragile si trova nell'album Blue Skies back to Gray uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Blue Skies back to Gray, di Sons of Lazareth

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