Sons of Lazareth - Hallee Road testo lyric


I was there / I was watching / I couldn't realize / The desert was there all around / I Am only a foreigner / There was tar, sand and sunset / My soul was in the radio / But what I felt / Was desire to feel alive / I'm screaming / cause I'm angry / I was there / But I was / only passing through / My place is here, but I'm not there / Why was I having this thought? / I should be there to feel more alive / Have the time to live my life


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L.Riccioni, A.D'Amato, M.Pinna, M.Gambarini, L.Giannetti


La canzone Hallee Road si trova nell'album Blue Skies back to Gray uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album Blue Skies back to Gray, di Sons of Lazareth

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