album Renaissance Spada

Spada Renaissance


2013 - Techno, Elettronica, Ambient


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Available on cd and digital formats,
12 tracks : chillout - electronica - techno



Claire official video:

Story: As in the Renaissance we had marvelous frescos and masterpieces in
painting, stunning Wunderkammern, luxuriant gardens and flamboyant courts, today we have a new, brilliant musical opus from Spada recalling this word. Imagine the life of the character of a tale and his unusual, fascinating deeds in a suspended word, where light and darkness change over, melt and bound together, where pleasures and delights surprise the observer, and obviously the listener. Not only the sight, and the insight, into personal experiences and memories, but also a patchwork of imaginations and desires emerge from this work. The eleven tracks of "Renaissance" take us on a fabulous and imaginative journey through the mind of the protagonist, throwing us in his musical universe. The ouverture "The first light we see" cradle and drive us gently towards a chilling and bright mood; "Sunrise" and "Night and day" overtake the thin line between light and darkness; "Norah" and "Claire" introduce us the story of two mysterious and charming figures; in "Snowpark" and "Labirinto" you will find the fairground for your fantasy. Once more Spada accomplished his mission: shaping a tale that now each of us can immagine and tell each time in a very different way.


davide quagliato photographer
emmanuel beddewela design artwork
tazio schiesari mastering
ermanno spadati producer

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