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Free Download: www.superdogparty.com


Alessandro Peana: voice/guitar
Nando Amorese: bass
Massimiliano Di Santo: drum

Special thanks to our families and girlfriends and to Nando's dog "Pedro Ditak Abuoss Lupino di Ditakkini o pamma mia", continuos inspiration and group's point of reference.

All music and lyrics by Alesandro Peana apart from On Monday by Marco Marraccini and the main riff of Ghouls'n Goblins by Ayako Mori, from the soundtrack of the videogame Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Super Dog Party are very grateful to Graziano Brau who plays the "fantastic hornpipe" on Ashole and NipTuck.

Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Alessandro Peana & Super Dog Party in Roma.

Photos by Domiziana Marinelli, Isaph, Giuseppe Moccia, Giorgio Brancia, Giacomo Marelli, Elisa Vena.
Graphics and cover concept by Marcello Pavan.
Lyrics supervision by Jaume Loffredo
Band logo by Gianni Ricco
Printed by Helikonia
Distribuited by Goodfellas
Booking and management: booking@superdogparty.com

This Rock & Roll Album can be freely and entirely downloaded from the website: www.superdogparty.com
The band encourages the sharing of parts or of the entirety of this album.

Dedicated to the world's greatest rocker of alla times: Don Van Vliet a.k.a. Captain Beefheart


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