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INDEFENSIBLE è il nuovo EP targato The Actions disponibile da adesso sui migliori digital store via Niteo Records.


Alcuni recenti estratti di stampa inglese riguardanti 'Indefensible':
" A dystopian dream that’ll pull you in and leave you wanting more " - Gigslutz
" An imposing introduction, all velvet noir and barbed production " - Clash Magazine
" A massive sound you won’t forget about quickly " - Fame Magazine
" 'Indefensible' does bring something new to the table " - Soundsphere Magazine
" A shadowy noir dream draped ethereal beauty crafted from out of body mirages " - The Sunday Experience
" This is one lab experiment where everything's gone according to plan " - The Sound Of Confusion

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Released 05 April 2015 via Niteo Records

Written and produced by Marta Argenio (Silty) and Mo Stellato
Mastered by Pete Maher at Topfloor, London
Cover photo: "Nests" by Adriano Argenio

© The Actions 2015
All Songs Copiright
All Rights Reserved


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