The Shalalalas - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Just For Fun



Testo della canzone

I don't want to show
all the details of my mind
Hiding the strange things

in a drawer you can't find
with some secrets I'm sure you will like me more

Who am I to know
all the shadows in your past?
You could make me swim
in the wicked waves of lust
with some secrets I'm sure I will like you more

There's no reason to get to know you better
your lips are good enough for having fun
these sheets are a great distraction
so let's keep moving, let's keep movin' on

Album che contiene Just For Fun

album There are 3 las in Shalalalas - The ShalalalasThere are 3 las in Shalalalas
2015 - Lo-Fi, Indie, Folk Bassa Fedeltà
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