The Shalalalas - Lewis testo lyric


Lewis was an only son
and he really had no friends
He used to spend his afternoons

in an imaginary world

He was full of good ideas
but he never made them real
what he always tried to make
well, it was just a big mistake

His mother Jane shouted all day long
His father Pauly didn't want to know

One day he found a homeless man
playing tone-deaf melodies
he gave Lewis his old guitar
saying "this tool will take you far"

His mother Jane shouts all his songs now
His father Pauly knows he's got a son

Na na na na


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La canzone Lewis si trova nell'album There are 3 las in Shalalalas uscito nel 2014 per Bassa Fedeltà.

Copertina dell'album There are 3 las in Shalalalas, di The Shalalalas

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