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"No Claim" is a sort of declaration of willing, or maybe it's better to say of not-willing. No claim to say something new (or old) in the musical scene. Totally self-produced, "No Claim" contains three tracks which reveals ourselves: the first one, "Hunky Spunky" shows our purest rock soul, infested by dirty guitars and synths, bass and crashes; the second one, "Nymphèas", is the most introspective one, which follows the footsteps of our last dreamy influences and also the bluesy-jazzy ones; the last track of the EP, "Borderline ", it's a boundary line between our first and second production, whic introduces strings and reverberated guitars. Have a good vibes, dudes!


Carlo Martino: guitar;
Lorenzo Zandri: vocals, keyboards and synth;
Giacomo Colloridi: vocals and bass;
Lorenzo Russo: drums.

Produced by The Grasshoppers
Recorded at Ponte Milvio Recording Studios
Engeenered by Giulio Pierucci
Artwork by Emiliano Zandri


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