The Singers - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Dance! Dance! Dance! (Hit The Floor)


Testo della canzone

tonight i'm restless can't do a thing but one
can't do a thing but one this night i'm helpless
can't think of anything can't think of anything
just you and me bittersweet in the evening

knock down
hit the floor
nothing matters anymore
stand up

when you were here everything felt different
when you were here would you please dear
give an answer so I can fall asleep
and you can disappear
just you and me silly things in the evening

it doesn't matter if i can't dance
dance with me
please come dance with me

Album che contiene Dance! Dance! Dance! (Hit The Floor)

album The Room Went Black - The SingersThe Room Went Black
2011 - Rock, New-Wave, Indie
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